We fuse computers with handheld tools to simplify the process of making.
Shaper Origin is the world's first smart handheld cutting tool. It uses computer vision to understand its location relative to a workpiece and precision motors to continuously fine-tune the spindle's position along your intended cutting path. We think of it as auto-correct for your hands.
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recent updates
August 12th 2015
We’ve been busy putting Origin through its paces as part of our development process - no better way to refine its features and performance than being hands-on with the tool making actual projects. Last week we spent an afternoon building a Cornhole set. We had a ton of fun and are really happy with how it turned out, but we definitely need to work on our game!
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July 28th 2015
Last week we released a video and received a lot of positive reactions! We also heard from people saying they wanted to see the actual cutting, and especially wanted to see the finished cut part. Here you go! In this video you can watch the entire process in one continuous shot. We hope you like it. Let us know what you think, and follow along for more updates.
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frequently asked questions
When will Origin be available?
Targeting sometime in 2016. We are still in development mode and currently beta-testing the Origin prototypes you see in the demo videos. We can’t wait to see what you will make with Origin, and hope to update everyone with a release schedule soon!
How much will Origin cost?
We are still in development and currently working with suppliers and partners to establish pricing. Our goal is to make our tools as accessible to as many people as possible; not just people with big-shop budgets.
Where will Origin be available?
We plan to launch in the United States and expand from there.