Introducing Shaper Origin

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Work at Any Scale

From intricate design work to dining room tables, Origin tackles projects of every size and complexity.

Auto-Correct for Your Hands

Origin enables more precise cuts by automatically correcting or retracting the tool’s bit if the machine strays from the designated cutting path.

Making, Made Easy.

Meet the world’s first hand-held CNC machine. This compact, powerful tool is as intuitive as it is innovative, letting you plug in and immediately create with ease, control, and confidence.

Easy to Use

An intuitive, approachable, and user-friendly interface makes it easier and faster for people of all skill levels to create like never before.

Touch Display

5-inch capacitive touch display with intuitive user interface.

Variable Speed Router

Variable speed router spindle included with Shaper Origin.

Dust Extraction

Dust extraction port connects to your external vacuum.

Cloud Capable

Connect via Wi-Fi to transfer and share designs, or work offline via USB.

Standard Cutters

Collet accepts commonly available ¼-inch shank router bits.

Workpiece Touch-Off

Automated z-axis touch-off ensures accurate cut depths.

Made for more materials

Origin eliminates the need for multiple tools with its robust functionality and ability to work with a variety of materials such as wood, soft metals, plastics, and composites.

From Idea to Reality

Origin integrates seamlessly with the design software, workflows, and file formats you already use. You can also select from ShaperHub’s online library of downloadable designs and templates or simply design on the fly.

One Tool, Infinite Possibilities.

There are a limited number of Origins available for presale. Pre-order today to secure yours, at the best price.