Slawek Krauze using Shaper Origin
April 19th 2017

Shaper Origin and The Progressive Woodworker

We recently spent some time with Slawek Krauze, a professional woodworker based in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco. Slawek began his international woodworking career with a diploma in metalwork in Poland.

Dust Tester
March 9th 2017

Testing, Testing!

The team has been charging full steam ahead toward our Engineering Validation Test (EVT) build. We thought this would be a great opportunity to provide a peek behind the curtain.

Bocci Plugs
January 31st 2017

Simon Lamason

Simon Lamason is an interior designer and furniture maker, with an delicate eye for form and function. Bocci accessories are beautifully stylish but require a great amount of precision to install. Simon used Shaper Origin onsite to delicately install Bocci electrical switch covers in aluminium MDF laminate.

January 2017 Update
January 17th 2017

January 2017 Update

My name is Ilan, and I am one of Shaper's co-founders and a mechanical design engineer. For this month’s update, I’d like to walk you through how we developed and built an easily overlooked, but important, mechanical element: the Z Axis.

October 2016 Update
November 23rd 2016

November 2016 Update

Hey Shapers! We appreciate all the positive feedback we received from our last monthly update. Since some of you asked questions regarding our design process, we decided that Industrial Design would be the focus of our November update.

October 2016 Update
October 19th 2016

October 2016 Update

We want to keep you informed as we get ready to deliver Shaper Origin to you next year. Read our latest update to hear about our supply chain development, dust extraction improvements, FCC testing, and more!

Paul Long
October 18th 2016

Hannah Quinn, Shaper in Residence

Hannah Quinn, our latest Shaper in residence talks about her experience using Shaper Origin. Hannah has provided crucial feedback to us along the way through Origin’s development, you can even see her and her work in our launch video.

Paul Long
September 29th 2016

Get to know Paul Long, Shaper in Residence

We fell in love with Paul Long’s magical machines and his free spirit. Paul strives to inspire people to create things for themselves by using found objects and cardboard to create interactive and kinetic sculptures.

Maya Kremien
August 12th 2016

Introducing Shaper in Residence, Maya Kremien

In July, we launched Shaper in Residence, a month-long program that provides people of varied backgrounds and interests access to Shaper Origin, our workshop and team, and a modest stipend (including materials).

Origin of Shaper
August 11th 2016

The Origin of Shaper

When Alec Rivers inherited his grandfather’s old hand tools, he began building something far bigger than he ever imagined.

It's All About That Tape
April 19th 2016

It's All About That Tape

ShaperTape makes Shaper Origin's computer vision system possible. We've built custom tools for stress-testing our tape and ensuring it meets our quality standards.

The Shaper Basket
February 26th 2016

All Our Eggs in One Basket

The "Shaper Basket" is our homegrown approach to effectively tracking and evaluating our beta testing data.